Retractable Patio Covers

Retractable Patio Covers

What is Retractable Patio Covers?

In a brief explanation about Retractable Patio Covers, it can be stated that these ceilings are usually made of aluminum, polycarbonate sheets, which are divided into two types, transparent and non-transparent.

In addition to the beauty they give to the surrounding environment, these sheets are a very resistant and suitable insulation against the entry of harmful rays into the relevant environment. Therefore, today in places where the human skin is exposed to strong sunlight to prevent skin damage. Retractable Patio Covers are used.

A retractable patio covers can be called a multi-purpose roof because the sheets used in this roof can be folded and opened easily.

The high quality and safety of this coating against severe impacts and natural disasters has led to the widespread use of this roof in many businesses and places, including its uses, such as balcony or backyard, swimming pools and parking lot roofs.

In the following, we discuss more important points and issues about the Retractable Patio Covers, movable ceiling.

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History of construction of Retractable Patio Covers( movable roof)

Humanity has gone through a lot of progress so far, and the architecture industry has not fallen behind these developments and has undergone many changes.

Among these changes is the change in the shape of the roofs, which are seen today in all kinds and in different shapes and materials, movable roofs are an example of these changes that have brought about a new development. Its different appearance and special material gives a beautiful appearance to the environment, and you will see further that due to its advantages, it can be a suitable choice in many construction matters.

Retractable Patio Covers are polycarbonate sheets that are made in different shapes and types such as transparent and non-transparent, etc.

Benefits of Patio Covers

These roofs have a very high level of security against many risks such as falling heavy objects, natural disasters, and breakage, and they are suitable for places that are vulnerable to disasters such as earthquake-prone places.


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Maybe you also think that today’s Retractable Patio Covers are a new and different idea, but it is interesting to know that, contrary to what people think about Retractable Patio Covers, this type of covering has been used in different forms for years, and each time in the cycle of form evolution. It has become new and more beautiful, so that today it has its own fans.

With a superficial look at Retractable Patio Cover, we can see that in the past this Retractable Patio Cover was used with other names such as canopy, so that the people of ancient Egypt used canopies to protect themselves and their goods from the strong sunlight while working in their shops used, in the past, the material of these Retractable Patio Cover was usually made of mat or linen fabric and the corresponding skeleton was made of timber or rope.

Retractable Patio Cover, from the beginning of the 19th century, the industrial development of this coating began and significant changes were made in its material and type of construction and finishing, and it attracted many fans in various fields such as steamships, manufacturers of mills and sails, the stages of development This canopy continues to this day.

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The appearance of these Retractable Patio Cover is very different from the brick roofs that we see in abundance around, this coating has an eye-catching beauty that has led to its use in the new architecture industry and has created a modern atmosphere in the architecture industry, as well.
The high quality of this product is due to the use of polycarbonate materials in the production of these sheets. Next, we will examine this ceiling.
In general, roofs that can be opened or closed are called Retractable Patio Covers, retractable, movable or opening roofs.

Getting to know Retractable Patio Covers

The system of this roof is designed to be suitable for any weather conditions and it does not matter what season it is used because it has a high adaptability and the air temperature does not affect this Retractable Patio Covers

This system is designed in such a way that, in addition to its benefits, it creates a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, and with its modern and up-to-date design, it adds a special beauty to the surrounding space.
This system can withstand wind pressure based on Biofoot Class 11 (km/h) scale, so that even the hardest and strongest winds will not cause any problems on this roof and its design is based on the worst weather conditions, rain, hail.

It has a high tolerance to fine dust and strong sun without being much damaged and causing damage.
The materials used in this Retractable Patio coating act in a way that, in addition to protecting against cold and heat, it is a very resistant insulation against the entry of noise from the outside environment and also prevents the loss of internal temperature.
It is a very strong cover against the sun’s uv rays, fireproof and preventing the entry of any fine dust or dust into the relevant environment. These are only part of the features of this strong cover.

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