What Is a Pergola?

A pergola is a lattice-shaped structure that is either with or without a roof and is most commonly used for parks, backyards, or gardens. This wooden structure has other names, such as scaffolding, arch, and archway, which is better known among the common people.

To build a wooden pergola roof, we need wooden timbers at certain distances. These types of structures have applications that can give a beautiful and unique appearance to the area and exterior of your house or villa. If the area of your outdoor space is limited, pergola is the most suitable option.


The material used in the wooden pergolas

This wooden structure is made with many materials. The price of the wood used in this structure is different. Each of the woods you choose has its own strength and durability and lifespan.

 You may use any type of wood to make home appliances such as cabinets, but when you want to make a gazebo or pergola for your outdoor space, you should pay attention that the material you use has enough resistance to weather conditions.

Among other damages that can threaten these structures in the open air are the penetration of insects, warping or cracking of materials and materials. For this reason, the type of material plays an important role in the construction of all kinds of outdoor wooden structures.


Wooden Pergola

The most used type of wood used for a pergola is cedar. More specifically, western red cedar.
This wood is for wooden structures in the open environment and does not require any kind of harmful chemicals for preparation. Of course, the process of preparing cedar has different stages.

The method of preparing a pergola with cedar wood

This type of wood is heated at a high temperature to increase the resistance of this wood to the penetration of insects. The presence of sugar and insect nutrition will completely disappear at this temperature. On the other hand, the advantages of cedar wood can be pointed to low water absorption. This point can guarantee that it stays healthy in the winter season and that the wood is exposed to wind and rain.

Pergola Plans You Can DIY  (Do it yourself)

With many advancements and technologies in this industry, modern and beautiful engineered or prefabricated gazebos and pergolas have been introduced to the market. Since the time factor is particularly important for LH Patio Covers company in Coquitlam Vancouver, this has made many people welcome wooden structures and prefabricated pergolas.

How Much Does A Pergolas Cost?

When you intend to build wooden structures such as a pergola or gazebo. Usually, the first mistake people think is that the cost of building these types of structures is very high and they cannot afford it, but this type of thinking is contrary to reality. To build these types of structures, you can have a suitable budget depending on the type of order and the material you choose. You can choose the best and most suitable type.

After choosing the type and design of the pergola, it is time to specify its size and dimensions so that by choosing a suitable size, you can execute and implement your desired design idea on it. After that, the final price will be calculated by the manufacturer and you will be informed. If you want, the construction project can be started.

Pergola installation steps by LH Pergola Company

First of all, the pergola needs a suitable infrastructure according to the dimensions of the pergola. Usually, this substructure is made of concrete, and base plates are used to place wooden bases.

The existence of connections and welding of different parts is done at every stage, it is one of the most important stages of the construction and installation of this wooden structure. Because these joints should be able to withstand the weight of the wooden structure, which is measured by the structural design engineer.

At the end, the cover that is considered for the surface of this pergola is attached to the structure using clip screws. Some models of wooden pergolas have an internal platform that is built for people to rest, which is added to the main structure after installing the columns.

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